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Chilies black tin


Hand-picked and hand-cut pequin chilies from the island of Lanzarote.

9g freeze-dried chilies

€14.00 including VAT and shipping (only for Europe)

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Refill pack (x2)


Guess what? Our chilies again, also picked and processed with love.

2 x 10g freeze-dried chilies, silver pack

€14.00 including VAT and shipping (only for Europe)

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The farm


These are our chilies basking in the sun on the Finca la Sarantontona.

Our quest

We started The Love of Chilies because we love fresh chilies and wanted to find a way to preserve not just their spice, but also their flavor. We were frustrated by the dried chilies available out there.

It took two years to find the right chilies and the best process.

Island-grown chilies

Our chilies are grown on the Finca la Sarantontona, a farm on the Spanish Canary Island of Lanzarote. The Finca is run by a family dedicated to fair trade and organic farming. Conditions on the windy and dry volcanic island are harsh, creating intense flavors in whatever manages to grow there.

Freeze dried for perfection

Our chilies are a Pequin variety, known to be very hot. It is impossible to pick them with machines.

Thanks to the food scientists at the Technical University in Berlin, we tested many different preservation techniques. The best results, by far, were achieved through freeze-drying, which maintains the unique flavor of our chilies.

As soon as fruits are cut they react with oxygen. For that reason, all of our chilies are hand cut in the processing area and immediately freeze dried.

Josefina & Niko

Hot blog

02.11.2015 · Sold out again – really sorry!

We are sold out again at The Love of Chilies and are now waiting for the next batch of chilies to be ready. We are really sorry and hope it won’t take too long. Hang in there.

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About us

Josefina Petrus

I love chillies… ever since I was a kid accompanying my parents on trips to India.

I don’t like to compromise… if it is possible to have the best quality, why do for less.

I have done many adventurous things in my life, including, film production for documentaries and live shows, basketball coach, project management for the web-based charity platform, Board Member of a British school.

This is my first food venture and I love it.

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