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23.02.2018 · Hot Spots – Launching the Real Spicy Restaurant List

You’ve been there. The disappointment. Visiting a new city in Europe or the US as a chilihead can be a rather frustrating experience. We love that hot kick, a bowl of spicy comfort food or maybe we even need to ward off a flu with a powerful chili antidote. After researching with high hopes, googling […]

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18.11.2017 · New Harvest, New Look

Finally. With our new stock comes a new look! Black is the new green. The new packaging is ready and we are ready to sell our aromatic chilies again. Maybe you experienced yourself that our black tin did not fit into your mailbox and you had to go all the way to the post office to […]

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30.05.2016 · Welcome Anna Yukiko to The Love of Chilies Family

Dear The Love of Chilies Fans, I’m Anna Yukiko Bickenbach and the newest member to The Love of Chilies family. I was very fortunate to grow up as a “Third Culture Kid,” lucky to call myself an American-Okinawan, and that I am able to live in Berlin, Germany. It is my determination to help scale […]

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27.02.2016 · The New Harvest is Here… Hot Fire Monkey Chilies!

Today, we are pleased to announce the arrival of our new harvest at The Love of Chilies. This means that lots of new, fiery, red-hot, freeze-dried chilies are now available in our store. A few days ago, the Chinese Lunar Year festivities ended, which heralded the new Year of the Monkey. But 2016 is not […]

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18.08.2015 · Chilies in Stock – Announcing New Chili Arrivals

Dear Chili Friends, we have had our ups and downs in Chililand in the last weeks, with some exciting developments such as a postal strike and two very positive newspaper reviews which led to a surge in demand. The final result was that we ran out of our supplies. Not a single aromatic chili fragment […]

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13.07.2015 · Currently Sold Out – Hopefully Not For Long

Dear Chili Friends, bad news… we are sold out and are now waiting for a new batch of chilies to be ready. Watch this space, we will send a big update over our newsletter (on the bottom of our home page), Twitter and Facebook as soon as we are in stock again. We went through quite […]

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22.11.2014 · Our 2014 Chili Harvest Is Here

Dear Chili Friends, it took longer than we thought, but it was well worth the wait. The 2014 The Love of Chilies harvest is here, ready to spice up your taste buds. We feel that this harvest was the most flavorful and spicy ever. But we think this every year, when we have nature’s rich […]

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03.08.2014 · Please bear with us… the new harvest 2014 is in preparation.

New chilies from the 2014 season are being picked at the Finca  La Sarantontona. When all is ready, freeze-drying and packaging will start. For this reason, we have only one message to all of you… please be patient. We have run out of tins and have only a few refill packs left, but in September, […]

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18.05.2014 · What a great experience to have been part of Next Organic Berlin’s Culinary Kiosk today

An exciting day is ending. The Love of Chilies was featured today at the Culinary Kiosk of the Next Organic Berlin event. It was definitely not your usual, dull trade fair. We had truly inspiring conversations with very valuable feedback about our freeze-dried, spicy rings. Today was all about inspiring people who care about sustainable […]

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11.04.2014 · Spot On: The Love of Chilies in the Limelight …twice.

We are excited and honored that The Love of Chilies will be featured at two fantastic events in Berlin in the next weeks: At the “Startup Crunch Time 2” in the o2 World, and then at the Next Organic Berlin food fair. The “Startup Crunch Time 2” at o2 World is hosted by the crowd […]

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Both of us have had the opportunity to do many fantastic things. Josefina has produced films, coached basketball, worked for the charity platform and served as a Board Member of a British school. Anna plays serious volleyball and co-founded the ecological platform Ecotastic.

We don’t like to compromise… if it is possible to have the best quality, why do for less. And we casually relish chilies like others do candy.

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