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10.11.2012 · Test report: The best chili mills and grinders… the search continues.

Since our chili pieces are very hot, some people prefer to grind and portion them over their food. For this reason, for a few months, we have been searching for the perfect chili mill and grinder.

A traditional mortar and pestle, of course, does the job and is anyway recommended as a “must have” kitchen item by chefs. But The Love of Chilies stands for convenience as well as quality. Our product was created as spicy seasoning for the table – a modern addition to pepper and saltshakers. Setting up a mortar and pestle on the dinner table is not what we would regard as super convenient.

Searching for the perfect chili mill.

Our chilies can also be further crumbled by hand, but then it is essential to wash one’s hands right afterwards.

Mortar and pestle. Not convenient. Hands. Need to wash. Thus our obsession with finding the perfect chili mill.

Our experience with chili mills… so far

Unfortunately, we have not been successful yet after trying numerous devices. Some of them were not cheap, either. Here are some of our experiences. Every single product we tried so far has a some problem. And we are perfectionists… when it comes to chilies.

  • AdHoc Mini Chili Mill Voyage – A beautiful product. Very small, great for travelling, too. The inserted chili pieces are featured beautifully in the transparent top. The grinding process is very effective. Unfortunately, the mill grinds and cuts the chilies too small. The powder which emerges is so fine that most people start to sneeze right away. Not good. We asked the company if they can supply a grinder which is more course, but they can’t.
  • WMF Ceramill de Luxe Spice Mill (Chili version) – We broke the bank to test this one. The manufacturer, a leading German kitchen brand, has developed an exclusive grinding mechanism made of ceramics instead of steel. It comes with a 10 year guarantee. All super impressive. But we could not get it to work with our chilies at all. We were grinding like mad, but barely anything came out of the mill. Back in the WMF shop the friendly staff showed us that the mill worked all right with conventional chillies. But this is not much help for us.
  • Peugeot Vendôme Chili Mill – This beautiful French product comes with light or dark wood handle. It features a pre-cutting system, which forces the dry chili into the mill. And alas… it works! It certainly is the best mill we tested so far. Before getting too excited, however, there is a problem here too. The chilies often get stuck in the acrylic container because the mechanism takes up the middle space. Even the French can’t deliver chili grinding perfection – although they are getting close.

Since we are not that easily defeated our search goes on. You’ll be the first to know once we are successful. Promise.

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