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18.11.2017 · New Harvest, New Look

Finally. With our new stock comes a new look! Black is the new green. The new packaging is ready and we are ready to sell our aromatic chilies again. Maybe you experienced yourself that our black tin did not fit into your mailbox and you had to go all the way to the post office to […]

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27.02.2016 · The New Harvest is Here… Hot Fire Monkey Chilies!

Today, we are pleased to announce the arrival of our new harvest at The Love of Chilies. This means that lots of new, fiery, red-hot, freeze-dried chilies are now available in our store. A few days ago, the Chinese Lunar Year festivities ended, which heralded the new Year of the Monkey. But 2016 is not […]

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13.07.2015 · Currently Sold Out – Hopefully Not For Long

Dear Chili Friends, bad news… we are sold out and are now waiting for a new batch of chilies to be ready. Watch this space, we will send a big update over our newsletter (on the bottom of our home page), Twitter and Facebook as soon as we are in stock again. We went through quite […]

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22.11.2014 · Our 2014 Chili Harvest Is Here

Dear Chili Friends, it took longer than we thought, but it was well worth the wait. The 2014 The Love of Chilies harvest is here, ready to spice up your taste buds. We feel that this harvest was the most flavorful and spicy ever. But we think this every year, when we have nature’s rich […]

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10.01.2014 · Health benefits of (organic) chilies and, yes, we love the pain, too.

At The Love of Chilies, we are always on the lookout for new and interesting facts about chilies. There have been many reports in recent years about the health benefits of chilies. In this blog post, we summarize the articles we have found the most interesting in the past weeks, discussing health effects of chilies. […]

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01.12.2013 · A Holiday Season without Toothache – Let’s Send Paloma to the Dentist!

€2 From Each Purchased Black Tin of The Love of Chilies Helps Pay Donkey Paloma’s Dental Bill We love chilies and we love animals. One of our favorites is the donkey Paloma. Paloma is 23 years old. She had a very distressed past. Paloma was found suffering in the sun without water in a crater […]

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03.11.2013 · Our chilies are back… a new batch with island love

A few weeks ago, a splendid pile of new chilies arrived fresh off the plane from the Island of Lanzarote. For us, it is always a magical moment to see a mountain of chilies from the Finca la Sarantontona. When looking at the chilies, we are instantly transported to the farm. We know the Sarantontona […]

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04.08.2013 · Cookbook Review of Bruno Loubet’s Mange Tout

Every summer, we spend some time in the south of France. Much of that is dedicated to cooking and eating. As a tradition, we bring a new cookbook along to inspire us. In order to maximize the use of the amazingly fresh and native vegetables and herbs in the region, we avoid the newest bestseller […]

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30.06.2013 · Caution low levels of chilies here at The Love of Chilies

Dear Friends of The Love of Chilies, we have dangerously low levels of chilies here at The Love of Chilies HQ. In fact, we only have four tins left. In the past months, we have not been able to receive any fresh produce from Lanzarote. The climate on the island has been unusual. Not only […]

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17.03.2013 · Hot Pot-Cooked French Winter Chicken with The Love of Chilies

Winter is dragging on here in Northern Europe. We thought the worst was over, but the newest forecast tells us we are in for another two weeks of ice, freezing rain and snow. It’s time to cook a hot pot chicken dish. This braised chicken dish is incredibly sumptuous and it warms you up in just […]

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Both of us have had the opportunity to do many fantastic things. Josefina has produced films, coached basketball, worked for the charity platform and served as a Board Member of a British school. Anna plays serious volleyball and co-founded the ecological platform Ecotastic.

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